Afaf (2019) – Writer/director


When a law passes that requires female university students to undergo virginity testing, an assumed virgin must go through familial hoops to avoid the hymen verdict.


The government implements a law to test women at universities to ensure their hymen and – thereby their purity – is still intact. Having only one day until her virginity test, Afaf must do the impossible to pass the exam that threatens to wreck her academic career. At home, a conflict is brewing, as the dynamic between Afaf and her father is on the edge of disintegration if she is found out. Her only hope is to crash an underground women’s class that promises her a shot at passing the virginity test.

Afaf (2019) 



Yomna Magdy



Rabab bahig



Sherif ackef


Key Crew


Aleksandra Markov



Luis carlos soto

Director of Photography


Garreth Chan

Sound Designer

Full Cast List

Najjat - Donia Ismail
Sanaa - Meral Niazi

Male Student - Tamer Amin
Girl 1 - Layan Adham Ismail
Girl 2 - Tala Nassar
Extras - Reema Kaiali

              Tessa Thornton
               Latifa Khoory
               Subhekshya Shrestha
               Ana Smyshliaeva
               Isabel Rios
               Aleksandra Markov
               Sofija Jancheska
               Jumana Ibrahim
               Isabel Rios
               Ivy Akinyi
               Sebastiano Pio Matera
               Toby LE
               Mahd Asghar
               Himag Vaidya
               Dylan Palladino
               Arb Mehmeti
               Joseph Nartey Opey
               Luis Quesada

Full Crew List

Riva Razdan – First Assistant Director

Yulia Piskuliyska – Script Supervisor

Arthur De Oliveira – First AC
Sienna Hagedorn – First AC
Andrew Wani Samuel Modi – Second AC

Arthur De Oliveira - Gaffer
Mohammed Al-Blooshi – Key Grip
Isabel Rios – Grip
Toby LE – Grip
Guillermo Andres Schlamp – Grip

Tala Nassar – Art Director/Makeup Artist
Reine Defranco – Props

Ruobing Zhao – DIT

Alyssa Yu – On-Set Photographer
Hoya Liu – On-Set Photographer

Gábor Gellai – Acting Coach

Cathy Chiang – Production Assistant
Ivy Akinyi – Production Assistant

Special Thanks

Scandar Copti              
Wendy Bednarz
Surabhi Sharma
Fadi Wahbeh
John Burkhart
Mhairhi Burton

Terry May
Maruan Manaja
Alexis Gambis
Dale Hudson
Robert Stam
Amos Katz
Jim Savio
Noor Althehli
Hana El-Wardany
Sandro Andric

Omer Malik from Adagio Aparthotel

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