Arasian (2017) – Assistant director


What does it take for a 14-year-old half-Emirati schoolboy to be socially accepted? Khalifa struggles to hide his half-Filipino identity from his Emirati schoolmates. He communicates with his Filipina mother through his younger sister and asks his mother to drop him at the back entrance to the school so no one will see her. At school he secretly befriends the Filipina cleaner. When the school bullies discover his secret, Khalifa is forced to make a choice - stand up for his Filipino heritage or succumb to peer pressure?

Arasian (2017) - Assistant Director


Mohammed Al Hosani
Zainab Al Hosani
Felicia Lucap Koral
Abdullah Al Aydarou

Key Crew

Yulia Piskuliyska - Producer
Ahmad Al Tunaiji - Scriptwriter
Joey Wang - DOP
Dila Uszut - Editor
Andrés Soto - Composer

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